18x24” Ideal Disco Mixed Media Toner Transfer Collage

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These large collage artworks on paper are made using a process called Toner Transfer, which achieves a similar appearance to a screen print, while allowing for more spontaneity in remixing and combining imagery. The technique involves enlarging and editing source material such as Polaroid photos, vintage magazine illustrations, and other ephemera with a photocopier, and then transferring the photocopied image to another surface. The transfer is completed by gluing the photocopy face-down onto an archival sheet of paper, and then peeling the original copy paper off once the glue has dried. The toner becomes captured in the layer of glue, creating unexpected textures in the final image. Additionally, this collage has a screen print layered on top of the initial enlarged Polaroid.

The Enlarged Polaroid series consists of original Polaroid photos taken before the Covid-19 Pandemic at the Boulder County Fair.

Please note: This is an original, one-of-a-kind artwork, NOT a print/reproduction.


Size: 18 inches wide x 24 inches tall (45.72x60.96 cm)

Medium: Toner Transfer Collage on Archival Paper, Screenprint

Title: Ideal Disco #1 (mixed media)

Year: 2022


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